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Welcome to Alice’s Restaurant! When the weekend approaches, we start making plans on how we are going to spend those days. Weekends are meant for relaxing and having a good time with family members and friends.

Many people enjoy eating out with their loved ones. Choosing a good restaurant can be complex. The streets are now full of restaurants offering different kinds of food. You can now find Italian, Chinese, Indian, Mexican and even Japanese food apart from the local foods.

A good restaurant can make your day. This magazine will help you to choose the right restaurant for dining and celebrating occasions.

In this magazine, you will find articles related to different types of restaurants and the food they serve. Here, we focus on wholesome meals instead of junk food. After all, we want our readers to be healthy.

The restaurants today provide extra services to stand out from the competitors. Many of them provide catering services. So, if you invite guests at home and don’t want to go to the trouble of preparing meals at home, then you can consider hiring a catering service instead.

When you subscribe to our magazine, you will know about the restaurants near you that provide such services.

We often celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions in restaurants. Some restaurants have special arrangements for celebrating different occasions. They can give you special space, exclusive menu and even entertainment options. In this magazine, you will find information regarding those as well.

If you want to make your day special, you can find a restaurant showcasing live performances like music, stand-up comedy, or other entertainment options. Apart from providing good food, these restaurants want to give the guests something special to make their day memorable.

You can contact us to learn more about our magazine. We promise to give you more interesting articles on restaurants and food. Stay with us!